iPhone 8 Plus

Do you face repair dilemmas with your iPhone 8 Plus? Does your broken screen or dysfunctioning charging port create problems in your life? If so You have come to the right place to get it fixed. We house the best technicians in Melbourne to have your iPhone 8 Plus fixed. All of the parts that we use are of the highest quality and are used by seasoned technicians.

It is because of our expertise on iPhones that we provide a standard 90 days warranty on most of the repairs. It’s not just the repairs but also the superb customer service that constantly is there for your inquiries. It is because of our customer-oriented business style that we have become the most trusted repair center in Melbourne with over 200 repairs per week.


iPhone 8 Plus Repair

iPhone 8 Plus Screen Repair Call
iPhone 8 Plus Screen Repair (LCD and/or Touchscreen don’t work properly) Call
iPhone 8 Plus Charger Connector Replacement Call
iPhone 8 Plus Audio Jack Replacement Call
iPhone 8 Plus Power/Lock Button Replacement  Call
iPhone 8 Plus Battery Replacement Call
iPhone 8 Plus Light Sensor Replacement Call
iPhone 8 Plus Volume and Silent Buttons Replacement Call
iPhone 8 Plus Home Button Replacement Call
iPhone 8 Plus Back Camera Replacement Call
iPhone 8 Plus Front Camera Replacement Call
iPhone 8 Plus Top Speaker Replacement Call
iPhone 8 Plus Loud Speaker Replacement Call
iPhone 8 Plus Vibrator Replacement
iPhone 8 Plus Liquid/Water Damage Assessment Service Call
iPhone 8 Plus Frame Replacement Call
iPhone 8 Plus Other Repairs.     Call:  03 8689 0050 Call

We can handle any kind of hardware problems with your iPhone 8 plus whether it is charging port problems, screen repairs, audio jack repairs, camera repairs. If you ever face such dilemmas then make sure you make your device available to us and we will have it fixed in a jiffy.