Sony Xperia Z Ultra


Sony Xperia Z Ultra Screen Repair $240.00
Sony Xperia Z Ultra Back Cover Repair $55.00
Sony Xperia Z Ultra Charger Connector $129.00
Sony Xperia Z Ultra Battery Repair $59.00
Sony Xperia Z Ultra Water Damaged Assessment Service $49.00
Xperia Ultra Other Repairs.     Call:  03 8689 0050 Call
All the prices are up to date. No appointment required.

When it comes to Sony Xperia Z1 Ultra repair Melbourne Mobile Repair technicians know how to do a great job. We specialize in repairing all issues of Sony Xperia Z1 Ultra such as screen replacement, charger connector, water damage services and etc. So if you have a broken Sony Xperia Z1 Ultra which needs repairs in Melbourne CBD just bring it in to fix it for you.

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