iPhone 4/iPhone 4S

Broke your Apple iPhone 4/iPhone 4S ? We are here to fix any issue within 45 mins while you wait. We use high quality parts for all repairs ensuring highest quality repair. We have become the most trusted repair centre in Melbourne with over 200 repairs per week.

iPhone 4/iPhone 4S Repair

iPhone 4/iPhone 4S Screen Repair
iPhone 4/iPhone 4S Back Glass Repair
iPhone 4/iPhone 4S Power Button Repair
iPhone 4/iPhone 4S Charger Connector Repair
iPhone 4/iPhone 4S Volume, Silent Button/Audio Jack Repair
iPhone 4/iPhone 4S Home Button Repair
iPhone 4/iPhone 4S Battery Repair
iPhone 4/iPhone 4S Frame Repair
iPhone 4/iPhone 4S Back Camera Repair
iPhone 4/iPhone 4S Front Camera Repair
iPhone 4/iPhone 4S Vibrator Repair
iPhone 4/iPhone 4S Top Speaker and Light Sensor Repair
iPhone 4/iPhone 4S Bottom Speaker Repair
iPhone 4/iPhone 4S Water Damaged Assessment Service
iPhone 4/iPhone 4S Other Repairs.     Call:  03 8689 0050
All the prices are up to date. No appointment required.

When it comes to iPhone 4/iPhone 4S repair, Melbourne Mobile Repair technicians know how to do a great job. We specialize in repairing all problems of iPhone 4/iPhone 4S such as Screen replacement, home button repair, battery replacement, water damage services and etc.

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